Pharmacy Services

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Free Same-Day Delivery

We offer free same-day delivery to the nearby Staten Island area. Contact us for details or to schedule your free delivery.

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We offer a variety of vaccines to keep you healthy. Contact us to learn more about our immunizations.

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Multi-Dose Packaging

We offer a multi-dose packaging that bundles your medications together by date and time.

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Nutrient Depletion Counseling

Our staff is trained in identifying drug-induced nutrient depletion and providing medication counseling to help.

Additional Services

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Randall Manor Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies offers a number of services to our customers, providing personalized service and counseling to each individual.

Online Refill Ordering

Order your prescription refill online and choose to pick them up at the pharmacy or have it delivered. All you need is the Rx number from the label.


We have a system that allows doctors to send prescriptions directly to the store’s computer. This speeds up the processing time for filling prescriptions and allows easy access to contact information if we have any questions.

Printing & Fax Services

For your convenience, we also offer printing and faxing services. Print out prescription instructions, fax over doctor’s excuses or other paperwork, print important medical or insurance documents, or print and fax anything you like, medical related or not. If you have any questions, please ask our pharmacy staff.